Kai Hublé

Patent Attorney (employed), graduate physicist
European Trademark and Design Attorney


Kai Hublé's practice is focused on technical property rights. He drafts patent and utility model applications and runs national, European and international granting procedures. He is also involved in opposition and nullity proceedings against patents as well as in patent litigation. Moreover, he advises clients concerning employees' inventions.


  • Physics studies in Kaiserslautern with a focus on semiconductors, alternative energies, plasma physics.
  • Patent Attorney training in a trans-regional and international operating law office in Bielefeld.

Professional Activity

  • From 1996 to August 2019 active as patent attorney in his own office.
  • Moreover, between 2001 and 2017, active as employed patent attorney in medium-sized enterprises and international corporations globally operating in the fields of medical technology, semiconductors and energy supply.
  • Since August 2019, employed patent attorney at Geskes Patent- und Rechtsanwälte.
  • Due to his scientific education and his previous professional activity, Kai Hublé has knowledge and experience in the fields of automotive engineering, power generation and distribution, electrical engineering, mechanics, optics, medical technology, production engineering.