We provide legal advice in all matters concerning trademarks and other distinctive signs. Our services already begin before filing a trademark application by considering your ideas, accompanying the development of a trademark, assessing their usability in legal terms as well as considering its chances of being registered. Moreover, in the following, we run the registration procedures worldwide. We have successfully enforced protective rights for our clients in more than 100 countries, already. We also assist you in enforcing your trademarks against infringements by third parties and defending your trademarks against third parties' offences.

Before filing a trademark application, all marketing and legal aspects should be considered. The legal aspects mean in particular considering the general protectability of your sign and assessing its scope of protection. We verify your suggestions and ideas, whereby an essential feature of our work is to conduct identity and/or similarity searches for trademark rights, and as the case may be for corporate and title rights of third parties, which might impede a possible use of your newly created trademark. In this way, potential conflicts can be recognized and resolved before a trademark application is filed. We would be pleased to arrange a contact for you with an experienced marketing agency, which might support you in the process of finding a sign, especially under marketing aspects.

In order to obtain a trademark registered at home and abroad, we develop an application strategy in cooperation with you. This includes in particular drafting a list of goods and services which contains the goods and services you want to use your trademark for and which should take account of your present as well as your future business areas.

Nevertheless, our services do not end with the successful registration of your trademark in the respective registers. We administer your trademark rights by surveying the payment of the renewal fees which are usually payable every 10 years, we remind you of giving declarations of use, which is required in certain countries, or of any other declarations and documents to be provided for the maintenance of your trademark. We also assist you in effecting transfers and assignments of trademarks as for example in case of change of your company name, in order to always have the correct legal ownership entered in the relevant registers, which enables you to claim rights from your trademark worldwide and directly.

Moreover, we offer domestic and worldwide trademark monitoring, by which you are notified about identical or similar trademark applications which were filed later by third persons. In addition to such notices you will receive our legal assessment on the basis of which you may decide whether you wish to proceed against such trademarks. In the following, we will advise you regarding a potential non-official or out-of-court settlement and conduct the negotiations with the opponent. If it is not possible to reach an agreement, we will enforce your rights by way of official or legal proceedings. Because nothing could be worse than noting that due to inactivity, a variety of identical or similar trademarks have been registered by your competitors, as this weakens the distinctive character of your trademark in legal terms. Any marketing and sale efforts can thus be destroyed.

Also in case you wish to modernize your trademark appearance, as for example in the course of a relaunch, we will advise you regarding the necessity of new or supplementary trademark applications, in order to provide your brand communication with the legal means to define your enterprise from your competitors.

We are looking forward to serving you.

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