Patents and Utility Models

Patents and utility models protect technical teachings. Technical products as for example soap dispensers, secondary packagings, bellows, toilet paper as well as chemical preparations such as washing powder or pharmaceuticals can be protected via a patent. Moreover, inventive uses of such products as well as manufacturing methods can be protected.

Our core competence lies in the field of general mechanics as well as in chemistry, which enables us to give you comprehensive advice in these fields. We are in particular working for the automotive supply industry, but also for manufacturers of consumer products. We assist small, medium-sized as well as major enterprises in questions of patent law, and even the so-called hidden champions being market leaders in selected technical areas.

Respectively, Dr. Geskes can fall back on a great experience in the field of nullity proceedings, which deal with attacks on the validity of granted patents in Germany. Moreover, he is in cooperation with specialized attorneys-at-law acting before the Regional Courts, Higher Regional Courts and the German Federal Court in patent infringement suits which are often linked with nullity suits.

In the process of applying for patents and utility models we assist you by conducting supplementary searches on prior art, evaluating the same and developing application strategies, running application procedures for you before the German Patent and Trademark Office and the European Patent Office, directly and abroad via our extensive network of foreign colleagues, until reaching patent grant. Finally, our service comprises the administration of your protective rights as for example the payment of annual or corresponding maintenance fees.

We are also active in the field of patent appeal proceedings, be it to defend your protective rights against third persons' appeals, or to file appeals against granted patents of your competitors. We have extensive experience in running appeal proceedings before the European Patent Office.

If you intend to launch a new product, it is often necessary to check in advance, whether there are any existing patents of third parties, which might be infringed by your new product. To avoid problems like paying damages, seizure etc., we conduct so-called "freedom-to-operate" searches in order to determine the relevant market situation regarding patent law and to verify the risk of potential infringements.

Finally, we assist you with the marketing your patents and utility models by drafting the necessary contracts, such as cooperation agreements, purchase contracts and licence agreements.

We are looking forward to serving you.

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Dr. Christoph Geskes
Patent Attorney (Owner)


Dorothee Buchner
Patent Paralegal


Gaby Froitzheim
Patent Paralegal


Kai Hublé
Patent Attorney (employed)


Katja Napiwotzki
Patent Paralegal


Dr. Camille Pinguet
Patent Attorney (employed)


Katharina Rehmann
Patent Paralegal


Bea Wirfs
Patent Paralegal