Online Services

It is our desire to offer our clients the best possible service. This involves not only to use available expertise and to provide it early so that you can take the necessary time to make a decision, but also to place at your disposal relevant services via our homepage, which assist you in managing your industrial property rights and in developing technical products.

We provide an online access to your IP portfolio which is managed by us and even enables you to access to any uploaded documents as for example certificates, publications, official receipts, as well as to the complete official and judicial correspondence in your case files.

Moreover, we draft so-called monitoring profiles, in order to search for patents and utility models in technical fields relevant for your enterprise, which enables you to watch the market competition and to be informed early about potential developments being triggered off by third parties and which may be of interest for your enterprise. This also gives you hints to existing patent thickets of your competitors, which might affect your new developments. In the beginning of every new development, at first, the patent-related environment should be determined by way of patent monitoring, as this might eventually influence the direction of your development.

Within the framework of these monitoring services we create databases, in which the prospective rights relevant for your enterprise are stored. These databases are divided into so-called monitoring profiles, defining certain technical fields relevant for your enterprise, and which are drawn up in consultation with you. Authorized staff members of your enterprise can access to these databases independent of location and time. This provides you with a knowledge database which may be advantageous for the economic success of your enterprise.

We are looking forward to serving you.

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Anne Althans
Trademark Paralegal