Employee Inventions

The German Act on Employees Inventions (Arbnehmererfindergesetz) is a frequently unfavored law, especially for German but even foreign enterprises pushing ahead inventions in Germany, which were made by their employees and bringing them to the market. This is due to the fact that according to the German Act on Employees Inventions, a company making use of an invention, has to pay a remuneration in addition to the basic salary to an employee who has made this invention.

We advise you in the field of employee inventors law especially in drafting the respective agreements, and we organize the employee inventor matters in your enterprise on the basis of company agreements and appropriate contract administration in order to facilitate the organization of your employee inventors remuneration and the application of the employee inventors law. In this way you can generate a positive impetus on inventors in your enterprise and make thus a positive use of the in fact unfavored employee inventors law. Moreover, this motivates your employees and increases the success of innovations made in your enterprise.

We support companies as well as employee inventors in enforcing their respective claims towards each other.

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