In this area you can download individual as well as general authorizations in German and English for each relevant patent or trademark office, in the form of pdf files. By providing an individual power of attorney you authorize our law firm to represent your company only in one specific matter, as for example in a certain trademark opposition procedure. By providing a general power of attorney you authorize our law firm to represent your company in all matters concerning one specific protective right or concerning your complete protective right portfolio, which means that all official notes of the relevant patent or trademark office will be directed to our law firm.

Furthermore, you can download powers authorizing our law firm to represent your company's interests in a civil law action or in a pre-litigation procedure as for example sending a written warning.

We will be pleased to assist you in completing the required form after you have signed and forwarded it to our office.

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General authorization GPTO  
Individual authorization GPTO  
General authorization EPO    
Individual authorization EPO  
General authorization EUIPO  
Individual authorization EUIPO  
Power of Attorney for civil procedures  

Furthermore, you can download an inventors designation form which has to be included upon filing a German or European patent application. If the inventors designation shall not be published, we can also arrange for this. Please call us. We will be happy to assist you.

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Inventors designation GPTO    
Inventors designation EPO  

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